Project Description


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7TRUE was a start-up created by three dynamic women who love clean beauty products and want to make a difference in women’s lives, one nail polish at a time.  Their mission is to make cosmetics safe for everyone while giving back to women empowerment organizations. The company strives to create beauty products that are safe and with fewer toxins than your everyday cosmetics. A&P was asked to create a name, identity, packaging and messaging for this new brand which was ready to enter the subscription box category.


Our team spent countless hours in nail salons speaking to women about what they were looking for in a nail polish.  We also conducted immersion sessions with the senior management team to understand their vision as well as their purpose for the company.  We quickly realized that consumers wanted two things: 1) a nail polish that was safe and free of toxins yet not sacrifice quality and 2) to support a company that had values that mirrored their values: honesty, generosity, simplicity, safety, self-esteem, contemporary and fun.  7TRUE was born and with an elegant design aesthetic and a commitment to the environment, we created an identity and award-winning packaging.  People Magazine named 7TRUE the subscription box of the year.