Project Description


Avaya conference booth image


Lucent Technologies, a well-known global telecommunications company , brought us in to develop brand messaging for a new Voice-Over-IP division.  At the time, the company was not known for VOIP solutions and had identified a significant opportunity in the marketplace with new and exciting product suites coming to market.  Our challenge was to convince telecommunication managers in large enterprises that Lucent could provide these services to their companies.


After conducting PlayGround sessions and speaking with telecommunication managers around the globe, we discovered that there were multiple targets audiences: Telco managers, IT managers and VARs (value-added resellers).  None of the targets believed that Lucent could effectively deliver a robust VOIP product.  We delivered a strategy to the client that included a new business model: create a new company that would be focused on internet solutions.  This company became AVAYA which is now a publicly traded global entity.  A&P developed naming, identity, messaging and integrated communications.