Our Top 10 April Fools’ Jokes of 2019

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Another April Fools’ Day has come and gone, but the marketing campaigns that came along with it should not be as fleeting.  We broke down our top 10 campaigns that stayed on brand through the prank-filled holiday and honestly wish some of these were a lasting reality.  If you’d like to leave a comment, please speak directly into your microphork!

10. Burger King: The Impossible Burger


What better way to test a product than to launch it in one city on April Fools’ Day?  That is exactly what Burger King did in St. Louis with the Impossible Burger, a burger with no meat!  If the newly introduced item is a hit, you have successfully launched a new product. If it is criticized, you can play it off as a gag!  Bonus points for their off-the-cuff video.

9.  BMW: Lunar Paint

The Ultimate Driving Machine recently said in their annual press conference that electric was the future.  Well, the present just became lunar power! What better way to show off your knack as a technology leader in the automobile space than announcing a state-of-the-art paint that allows your car to charge at night with the power of moonlight?  Make that romantic late night drive more pleasurable when you wake up with a full tank.

8.  Honda: Pastport

You might be surprised to hear our brand futurist was intrigued by a car making a claim on the past. This breakout vehicle sports a modern exterior with 90’s interior (coin holder included) is the perfect blend of past and present.  They say “history repeats itself,” and in this case, we could not be happier to see that come true. Let us also take note of Honda’s brilliant call to Gen Z’s fascination with the final decade of the past century. First-time drivers have the least brand loyalty and are the easiest converts.  So dealers, get ready for Pastport inquiries! Extra credit for the best video and being an innovator in preventing driver distractions.

7.  Penguin Random House: Quickie Books

Wish you could read more but just don’t have the time?  Then this is the product for you! Quickie Books is the next evolution in reading.  No spaces, no indentations, no punctuation, no useless letters, and no more unnecessary chapters.  Penguin Random House may have just made audio books extinct. Ok, ok, this maybe an awful idea, but the way it is spun is brilliant.

6.  White Castle: Live auction of very first slider made in 1921

If this was real, White Castle may have made their biggest fortune since Harold & Kumar broke onto the big screen and into our stomachs. We all know that one die hard White Castle fan, and for us that is our very own chief strategic officer who said he would have placed a bid. If you are “that” person, this one’s for you!

5.  Dollar Shave Club: Bath Jerky

Brilliant.  Unlike Burger King, Dollar Shave Club brought the beef, and to one of the most relaxing places on earth, your own tub.  Believe it or not, this product was actually sold (and sold out). I must say I am a little disappointed I missed the boat on this. Dollar Shave Club, if you have any left, I will be a proud ambassador to “beef up (my) bath!”




Sign me up to #meetron.  NVIDIA’s brainchild, R.O.N is a gaming assistant much like Alexa, but more useful.  R.O.N will tell you when to drop your bomb to avoid that blue shell, divert distracting family members from interrupting your sacred gaming hours, and tackle online trolls in forums so you do not have to waste your own time.  Looking forward to seeing a BETA at E3 later this year.

3.  McDonald’s: Milk Shake Sauce

McDonald’s may actually be on to something here.  Who hasn’t dipped a fry or three into a milkshake and thought to themselves, “genius!”  If I’m paying extra for guacamole at Chipotle, I sure as hell am willing to pay fifty cents for a hint of vanilla shake to go with my fries.

2.   GlassesUSA & Victorinox Swiss Army : Survival Rx Glasses


I’m still figuring out how to get these through TSA, but I’m willing to wait.  As someone who cannot navigate my way to the bathroom at night without my glasses, these are the ultimate utilitarian device.  Not to mention I can finally wear gym shorts without pockets on a hike because my knife will be on my face! Counting on a prototype to be available by Vision Expo in September.

1.  Nissin : Cup Noodles® HyperX Cup MIX-IN

Imagine walking onto an airplane with these bad boys, or taking your conference call in a shared workspace talking into the microphork! If I could make one thing on this list real, this would be it.  “Much more than a soup.” You’re damn right!

As with any list, there are always tough omissions to be made.  On a day full of great marketing pranks, here are a couple we just couldn’t bring ourselves to not mentioning.

plusOne: Vending Machines

“Sexual wellness products should be affordable and accessible to everyone.”  Who doesn’t agree? Although a farce, plusOne stays uniquely on brand. After entering my zip code to locate one of these fine machines I was redirected to a local store (Target, Walmart) that carried their products and was told that although this was an April Fools’ joke, sexual wellness itself is not one.  Well done.

Build-A-Bear: Build-A-Bae Dating App

Dating apps seemed to be a hot topic this Fools’ Day, and unlike attempts by Franks Redhots, and Hallmark, Build-A-Bear actually hit on what they do best, bringing people together.  For a company that once ran with the slogan “where best friends are made,” why not go after dating? After all, your significant other should be your best friend, am I right?!


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  • Kevin

    These are epic! Add me to the waiting list for the Noodle Cup HyperX’s, k thanks.

  • Tonya

    Love it! Great job! I think those glasses would be great on you!

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