Project Description


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We were tasked with assisting the brand in more effectively attracting the millennial market.  There were numerous business challenges facing AT&T in relation to millennials:

  • AT&T was seen as a brand more relevant to older consumers rather than a younger audience.
  • Since divesting itself of the Cingular brand, AT&T had no significant equity with this audience.
  • AT&T was beginning to see market share erosion in the wireless category against this important target audience.


Our team of strategist, creatives, producers and programmers jumped into action and quickly came up with the concept of creating AT&T’s first ever consumer app.  The app provided the millennials with the ability to create their own karaoke music video and invite friends to join their team and create their versions of the same video.  Our proprietary technology then created a music video mashup of all team members that could be shared with friends and family as well as entered into a weekly contest for cash prizes and products.  Additionally, our team worked with music distribution aggregators to secure content.  Key influencers, vloggers and bloggers in the music industry began to discuss and share the AT&T app with their followers creating a significant buzz and giving AT&T “street-cred” amongst millennials.