Project Description


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Barco is a global technology company based in Belgium, which specializes in the development of products and software in healthcare, enterprise, and cinema. Barco identified two trends affecting the exhibitor market: Increased demand for differentiating premium experiences and the need for operational efficiencies in mainstream cinemas.  They decided to spin-off their market-leading cinema division and create a new joint venture with two international industry partners based in China.

The new company would focus on a combination of innovative cinema solutions, flexible financing and a comprehensive service model that enables exhibitors to focus on engagement with moviegoers while simplifying technology and operations.

A&P were brought into brand and activate the new venture.


We activated our PlayGround sessions in the UK, Belgium, Mexico City and Los Angeles to understand what theater chains and more importantly, moviegoers, wanted from a movie experience.  We learned that both groups shared the same central desire – stress-release. We could thrill them by delivering moments of “Wow”.  We developed the “Experiences. Delivered.” rallying cry, a new name and we were off to the races.  The result: Cinionic signed multiple large deals and forged new partnerships with exhibitors around the world.