Project Description


  • Evivo packaging
  • Evivo logo


Evivo is an infant probiotic created to combat the rise of chronic diseases such as allergies and type-1 diabetes. Being a start-up and seeking guidance, Evolve BioSystems had partnered with a local management consultancy and were in Series A funding. We were recommended for our expertise in branding, willingness to scale our services to a client’s needs, and ability to take complex ideas and transform into clear selling propositions. Our task was to globally launch the brand and convince mom’s that the product was safe and effective for their newborns.


We spent time speaking to scientists, pediatricians and mid-wives while also observing mothers with their newborns to create the brand strategy which resulted in a name, logo, packaging and messaging for Evivo®. The client team deeply connected with the logo and requested we design the packaging, which included multiple and uncommon components. We chose to use an oral syringe, for example, that would be familiar enough not unsettle a new mother and be function. The colors for the new brand were also inviting and soothing. The success of the brand launch received attention in the science community as well as the investor community ($100 Million raised from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation).